Thomas Delattre


Architecture, Portraits & Events


Architecture is without a doubt my favorite practice of the art of photography.

I find endless inspiration in playing with the geometry of the structures I come across and the light that reflects on it.

I try to give the viewer new perspectives on our everyday surroundings, playing with lines and contrasts to create strong, minimalist compositions.

Portraits & events

Whether it be during a solo session, a wedding day or an artistic event, the joy of taking a portrait is being able to share a moment with both the people in front of the camera and the people that will look at it.


The practice of street photography is truly a reflection of life: full of ups and downs. Its randomness is as frustrating as it is refreshing. Much like meditation, trying to come out with a good picture is all about focusing and finding harmony in a busy environment.

When I go out to take pictures in the streets, I try play more with the composition than the situation. Just like for architecture, I like really graphical, almost minimalist shots. Taking isolated subjects in an clean scene gives the viewer space to complete the story.

About me

I am a French professional photographer based in Paris.

My services include: Portraits (private, corporate), Weddings, Event coverage, Real estate and Architecture.

You can follow me on Instagram and Cara where I frequently post personal and client work.

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For any business related enquiry (portraits, weddings, events, real estate), please contact me through this form, I will reply within one business day.

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